Dear Fellow Philatelist,

Interested in Aviation History? The DAYTON STAMP CLUB has sponsored covers over the years honoring people and events in the development of aviation, especially Dayton, Ohio's role in that development.

For cover orders, please include a large no. 10 self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient return postage with your order.  Please send your request to the noted address to the left, attention “Cover Order”.  Covers are $2.00 each, unless otherwise noted.  Thank you for your interest.

The following items are available:

#1 - C91/92 Dayton Stamp Club cachet commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight. Each cover was flown on a USAF jet over Dayton's Wright Memorial on Dec. 17, 1978 at 10:35 am, the exact time of the first flight. Covers have an additional rubber cachet noting their flown status. (A1, A2 SOLD OUT)


#2 - Dayton Stamp Club AIRPEX V cover commemorating establishment of McCook Field. Club cachet and show cancel. Event date: Oct. 12, 1980 (A4)

#3 -  U.S.A.F. MUSEUM POST OFFICE OPENING Cachet design featuring the Air Force Museum complex canceled at the new post office branch on the opening day. Event date: Feb. 8, 1984 (A5)

#4 - AIRPEX IX  cover commemorating the 60th anniversary of the First Free Fall Manually Operated Parachute Jump by a military aviator. May 19, 1919 at McCook

Field, Dayton. Harry Ham cachet cover w/WPAFB cancel on anniversary date (May 19, 1984), or AIRPEX IX show cancel (Oct. 13, 1984). (A6, A7)

#5 - AIRPEX X cover commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the First Aerial Photograph taken in the U.S. from a heavier than air aircraft. Cachet by Harry Ham

features the Wright Brothers Hanger at Huffman Prairie as photographed by William Mayfield in 1910. Event date: Oct. 13, 1985 (A8)

#6 - Arnold House Heritage Center  Dedication cover with cachet illustration of Arnold and the house. Cancelled at WPAFB, OH, May 16, 1986. (A9)

  1. #7 - AIRPEX Xl cover commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the First Flying Post Office, September 25, 1946. Dayton, OH anniversary date (Sept 25, 1986) cancel or AIRPEX show cancel (Oct. 11, 1986). (A10, A11) show cancel available.

#8 - 50th Anniversary of the Dayton International Airport  Anniversary date cachet cover dated December 17, 1986. (A12)

#9 - United Way FDC  Cachet features Dayton, OH United Way Gazebo. Regular USPS FD cancel, June 20, 1987 (A13). Dual cancel cover with normal FD cancel and the Dayton,OH Carillon Park Gazebo dedication date of June 20, 1987 (A14).

#10 - 40th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force  Cachet cover with September 18, 1987 Wright-Patterson A.F.B cancel. (A15)

#11 - AIRPEX XIII  Show cover commemorating the 50th anniversary of Howard Hughes' around the world flight. Available with either Dayton Stamp Club cachet (A16) or American Air Mail Society cachet (A17), both with USPS Show cancel.

#12 - AIRPEX XIV  Show cover commemorating the 65th anniversary of the 1924 International Air Races held at Wright Field. Available only with American Revenue

Association Convention cachet with USPS Show cancel for the date October 13, 14, or 15, 1989. (A18, A19, A20)

#13 - AIRPEX XV  Show cover commemorating the 70th anniversary of the 1920 altitude record of 30,000 feet established by Maj. R. W. Schroeder at McCook Field.

USPS Show cancel.  October 19, 1990 (A21) and October 20, 1990 (A22)

#14 - AIRPEX XVI  Show cover commemorating the 60th anniversary of Jimmy Doolittle's win of the Bendix Trophy race. USPS Show cancel September 29, 1991. (A23)

#15 - 1987 Dayton International Air Fair  A multi-colored cachet cover features the Army Golden Knights parachute team at the 13th annual Air Show. July 25, 1987 (A24) and July 26, 1987 (A25).

#16 - 1988 Dayton International Air Show  Multi-colored cachet featuring USAF Thunderbirds logo with July 23, 2988, Dayton, OH cancel. (A26)

#17 - 1991 Dayton International Air Show - Multicolored cachet cover featuring the Hot Air Balloon Rally at the 17th annual Air Show, pilot autographed, July 23, 1991. Stamped on back, “Covers flown in hot air balloon”. (A27)

#18 -1992 Dayton International Air Show Two multicolored cachet covers.  Please specify cachet desired: "50 Years of U.S. Jet Aviation" (A31, A32, A33), "WW I Fighters" (A28, A29, A30). Covers have USPS Air Show Station cancels.

#19 - Eagle & Shield 29c Self Adhesive Booklet First Day Covers  Specify green (A34), red (A35) or brown (B1) variety. Only single stamps available.

#20 - AIRPEX XVIII Show cover commemorating the 75th anniversary of the First Scheduled Air Mail, May 15, 1918. USPS show cancel of Sept. 25, 1993. (B2)

#21 - 1994 Dayton International Air Show Cover honoring the 20th Anniversary of the U.S. Air & Trade Show at Dayton, OH. Dates of  July 20-24, 1994 with the USPS Air Show Station cancel are available. (B3, B4, B5, B6, B7)

#22 - 1994 Dayton International Air Show Multicolored cachet cover featuring the Hot Air Balloon Rally at the 20th annual air show. These covers were flown in the hot air balloon or Aerostat “Rainbow’s End” and have the signature of the aeronaut.

Dates of July 20-24, 1994 are available with the USPS Air Show Station cancel.

(B8, B9, B10, B11, B12)

#23 - AIRPEX XIX Show cover commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 First Man on the Moon. Cachet shows the Apollo 11 once it landed on the moon.

Cancels for Sept. 23, 24, 25, 1994 (B13, B14, B15 SOLD OUT).  Designed by Howard Smith.

#24 - 1995 Dayton International Air Show Cachet cover depicting the F15 Eagle and the Pitts Special with show cancel for July 22 and July 23, 1995.Stamp used on cover may vary.

#25 - AIRPEX XX Show cover commemorating the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki which led to the surrender of Japan in World War II. Covers with the Dayton Aug. 9, 1995 anniversary date cancel (B18); same with atomic bomb poster stamp (B19). Covers with both the Aug. 9 cancel and the show cancel depicting the B-29, "Bocks's Car” (B20); same with atomic bomb poster stamp (B21).

#26 - 1996 Soap Box Derby The Greater Dayton Derby sponsored by the Optimist Club. Both cachet and cancel depict a soapbox derby racer. July 13, 1996 (B22)

#27 - AIRPEX XXI Show cover commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the City of Dayton. The show cancel depicts the first Postmaster, Benjamin Van Cleve, and the oldest existing building, Newcom Tavern. Dayton, Ohio cancellations for Sept. 28 and Sept. 29, 1996. (B23, B24)

#28 - Classic American Aircraft First Day Covers Cachet depicts the 20 aircraft pictured on the stamp set, SC 3142, with a First Day of Issue cancellation date of July 19, 1997.  One stamp per cover. (B25)

#29 - Classic Car Show  Dayton Museum of Discovery's First Discovery Concours d'Elegance. Sept. 14, 1997 cancel depicts a 1959 Corvette. (B26)

#30 - 50th Anniversary of the U. S. Air Force First Day Cover  First Day of Issue (SC 3167) station cancel at WPAFB, OH, Sept. 18, 1997. Cancel depicts three F-16's. (B27)

#31 - AIRPEX XXII  Show cover commemorating the 53rd anniversary of Glenn Miller's disappearance over the English Channel. The cachet and the cancel depict

Glen Miller. Cancel dates of Oct. 4 and Oct. 5, 1997.  (B28, B29)

Stamp used on cover may vary.

#32 - AIRPEX XXIII  Show cover "Flight...the dream come true". Flown on the 1911 Wright Flyer replica N37886B with pilot signature and flight date of Sept. 19, 1998.

Show cancellation dates are Sept. 25, 26, 27, 1998. (B30, B31, B32)

#33 - AIRPEX XXX Show cover commemorates the centennial of the 1905 Flyer III, the world’s first practical aircraft, developed and flown at Huffman Prarie, Dayton, OH.  Cancellation date of Sept. 17, 2005. (B33 SOLD OUT)




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